The Thin Brown Line was created by servicemen for servicemen.

Unfortunately, tradesmen duties and sacrifices (health, time, etc) often go unnoticed or under appreciated. It is our mission at The Thin Brown Line to shed light on everything tradesmen do and to create a brotherhood of solidarity for everyone working in the trades. Tradesmen ARE the backbone of society.

Keeping our homes, businesses and communities safe is exactly what tradesmen do. We are the ones you call to keep our country's infrastructures functioning. We are the ones who keep your home, businesses and cities safe and operating. We are First Responders. We are the ones who are there when you need us.

Larry Enright has been in the plumbing industry for over 30 years. He owns several successful plumbing companies that have employed hundreds of technicians.

Brennan Feelhaver has been in the service industry for more than a decade. He started working with Larry at the age of 14 and still works by his side on a regular basis.

Together, they created The Thin Brown Line to bring awareness of the critical roles and first responder services that tradesmen provide. They are spreading the word to ensure service industry employees are recognized for the hard work they bring and the commitment they have to the health of our society.

Each sale benefits the hard working men and women in the industries. Join us! Show your support of our tradesmen and let THEM know you acknowledge and are thankful for the sacrifices they make for all of us!